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What would you change…

May 6, 2020

So much time and energy go into planning a wedding, the build up to the day can sometimes be overwhelming as well as very exciting.

The day finally arrives and it’s beautiful, everything that you imagined it would be and more. You are on cloud 9 and couldn’t be happier!

But something happens after all is said and done…

You look back and think “Dang I wish I would have done…ABC instead of DEF” or any number of other things for that matter.

We spoke to several brides over the past few months and here is what they had to say about what they would have changed looking back.

#1 Answer -Hired a Videographer

Although everyone responded they LOVED their wedding photos they still wish they would have splurged for a videographer to capture the day as well.

Hearing the sounds, voices of loved ones and capturing everything from a birds eye view would have made it all that much better.

The day goes by FAST and you miss a LOT!

Imagine what surprises you will find watching your video for the first time.

#2 Answer – Communicated more with Photographer

After all is said and done you only have your photos to look back on (unless you have a video too 🙂 )

So it’s important you communicate what you want, if you don’t know ask your photographer.

A good one will help you create a photo shot list of guests so no one is missed, and don’t forget all the details of your wedding.

The flowers, the ceremony site, the reception room, and all the other little things that made it unique to you as a couple.

You spent time, money and energy creating a beautiful wedding make sure it’s captured on film.

#3 Answer – Guest list

Several couples expressed how they would have adjusted the guest list. For some it was about bringing the count down and making it a more intimate day.

Others wish they would have been more firm about not allowing an invited guest to bring a “friend” or those “unwanted” guests that you end up inviting for one reason or another.

In the moment it’s hard for couples to draw the line when it comes to the guest list. Be firm about your number and who you want to invite.

It’s your day, your budget and your choice.

Let us know your thoughts and if you too would have changed any of the above mentioned.



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