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Plated Dinner…

September 11, 2019

There are a few different options when it comes to serving a plated dinner to your guests.

#1 Everyone gets the same thing – this is the easiest and most cost effective option. Service is quick and everyone (minus those with dietary restrictions) all receive the exact same meal.

#2 Duo Entree option – Though slightly higher in price – it may be worth it – less work on your end and offers the best of both worlds. Filet and Seafood option – if a guest does not eat red meat – they can ask for fish only that evening or trade out with their partner. Service is more efficient and guests are not waiting to be served.

#3 Choice of Meals – This can be tricky, depending on the size of your group. I will tell you that ALL caterers, chefs and venue reps will say absolutely we can do a choice of option and they CAN! Here is where YOU need to decide if you truly want that option.

a) It will require more work on your end – choice of needs to be on RSVP card, Escort card needs to indicate who is having what entrée

b) You need to rely on your guests to place the escort card at their place setting so a server can VISIBLY see their selection.

c) Hope that the majority of guests don’t change their mind come wedding day (remember choices were made months in advance)

d) Service is slowed…..if escort cards are not visible to servers – they need to ask guests it slows the process down tremendously

e) You will take on the price of the higher priced entrée for all selections.

f) Vegetarian and/or other dietary restrictions are generally not considered part of the choice of – chefs will always accommodate the dietary needs of guests, and these guest will usually come forward and let you know even if they are not asked.

No matter which option you choose your guests will surely enjoy a wonderful meal while celebrating your day!

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