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Guest List and Budget!

December 17, 2018

Let’s talk Guest Lists because your Budget numbers depend on it.

You know the more people you invite the higher the dollar amount…

easily said and it’s an easy concept to understand

 it’s also a hard one to put into action, meaning you have to cross people off the list.

We completely get that you want pretty much everyone at your Wedding. It’s the most exciting thing to happen and you just want everyone there to celebrate with you!

Butnot everyone should or needs to be invited 

1).  Have you spoken to them within the past year?
2).  Do you hang out with them outside of work? If you didn’t work together, would you still be friends?
3).  Would they invite you to their wedding?
4).  Can you imagine your wedding day without them?

These are the questions you should be considering when putting together your list.

More guests equal more food, more liquor, more tables, more centerpieces, more linens and the list goes on and on….

Share your day with people you really believe will continue to be in your life years from now.

♥ Happy Planning ♥



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