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Day of timing…Getting Ready!

April 22, 2020

Your big day is approaching and you have yet to figure out some timing issues when it comes to getting ready!

I know, it’s no big deal for the guys, but for the girls it is a big deal and here is why.

Hair and makeup takes time…LOTS of time, especially when everyone is in one room,

chatting celebrating and excited about the day’s events, time can get away from you.

General rule when figuring out how much time each girl needs for hair and makeup application is about 40 min. per application per girl.

What! Yep, so you are looking at 80 min for each one of your bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done.

Now keep in mind if a bridesmaid has short hair then you can shorten their time, if some have long hair and are getting up do’s then lengthen the time.

Consult with your stylist and make sure you have a plan and a schedule.

For the BRIDE I suggest 1.5 hrs for hair and about an hour for makeup. Many times the bride will get her hair set 1st then go to makeup and then finish her hair.

Again consult with stylist and makeup artist so they can coordinate.

Add in some buffer time too!

Things can easily fall behind schedule and that is one thing you don’t want to happen before the ceremony start time.

Consider the travel time if you are getting ready at one location and getting married at another location.

How long will it take for everyone to get out of the room to the car, loaded and on the road? Add in more buffer time!

If you are taking photos prior to ceremony you don’t want to be late and miss all the photo opportunities you planned with your photographer.

Create a schedule and assign your girls to a time slot, just as if they were going into the salon on their own. Remind them to be on time!

One last thing you, the BRIDE, are priority that day and if your girls are late they get bumped so you can shine!

Enjoy the getting ready part of the day, it’s a time for you and your girls to connect and have fun but keep to the schedule,

it will make the day much more enjoyable



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