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A BIG Welcome to Nicole Phillips

May 24, 2022

Nicole and her family

We are thrilled to announce our newest Lead Planner Nicole Phillips to the Simply Refined Events Team.

We had the pleasure of meeting Nicole and her now husband JW, while assisting with the planning of their wedding several years ago. Nicole & JW have two boys and one little girl that keep them busy with a constant buzz of activities.

Nicole’s interest in event planning has been a long-time passion. Looking back, she realized the desire of planning events was always in the back of her mind.  While in school and before starting a family, she wrote her final essay on “How to Plan an Event”.

The first time she came to work with us it was clear as day that she was a natural and just “gets it”. Her intuitive nature kicked in and she was one step ahead during the entire event. She has worked with several companies since and countless venues allowing her to develop and become one of the “Best of the Best” in event planning.

Nicole is a native of Arizona, born and raised in Scottsdale. Arizona sunsets still amaze her. She and her husband love to vacation, preferably on a cruise sipping Margaritas on the deck.

Help us give Nicole a warm welcome. Drop a line, say “hi”, and take a moment to introduce yourself. You will be seeing her around more and more.

Welcome Nicole!



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