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Just engaged, learn to SAVE!

December 5, 2018

Congrats on your engagement, we are thrilled for you!

Now the work begins searching for your venue, choosing your date and most importantly staying within a budget.

3 ways to SAVE BIG when planning your wedding

 1). Get married on a Friday or a Sunday. Want to save MORE money—consider another weekday—a Monday or a Thursday….and always try and avoid Holiday weekends.

2). Get married “Off-Season” no matter where you live there is always an “off-season” so to speak.

3). Ask if the Ceremony Fee can be lowered. All they can say is no! The labor and time it takes to set chairs for 170 people can be very different when your guest list is 80 people.  You could save a good amount with a simple, kindly put question.

There are so many other ways for you to save, need help?

We offer a variety of wedding planning options to suite your needs and budget.

♥ Consultations are always complimentary ♥







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