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3 Ways to Let Stress Go

September 24, 2018

ENJOY your Day by doing these 3 simple things.

1).  Communicate: You can’t communicate enough with your wedding party, parents, event pros and event coordinator. That said, just copy them on FINAL decisions; don’t overwhelm them with every little item you’ve come to. Hopefully you have a MOH or Bestie that’s on-board and helpful, that can help you with decisions. Do know that if you reach out to your Venue Coordinator over and over again, you’re expecting too much. Her job is to work for the venue. Remember: she’s not a wedding planner. She’ll answer questions as they relate to the event day; scheduling the rehearsal, etc., but it’s not her job to help you decide any number of other items for your day. Your DJ should help with musical choices, the timeline for the day; your Photographer should too and help walk you through your shot list and more. Reach out to your event pros well before your day and talk, talk, type and organize! Make sure everyone knows what time your ceremony is; what time they can arrive on site and more.

 2).  Delegate:  You will need help the day-of the event! Aunt Sue, Uncle Joe with his truck; your 1st Cousin; reach out and ask for help. Take a photo of exactly how you want your gift table set up; your cake table set; your ceremony table set and send it to 1 person who’ll be responsible for each of those items. Make sure your Mom and Dad will wrangle the Flower Girl and the Wedding Party.  Delegate till the cows come home and all should be well.

 3).  Coordinate:  You need to know every piece of your planning puzzle and exactly who fits where and when. Coordination is about logistics. Logistics is about preparation. Preparation well in advance will afford you a dream day. But, remember: Procrastination is the killer.  If you put off making decisions, completing your must-have Pinterest DIY projects or finalizing your Seating Chart, you will run out of time.

Even if you decide on hiring a Day of Coordinator because the above sounds a bit overwhelming, you still need to Communicate, Delegate and Coordinate either with family or with your coordinator.

♥ Happy Planning ♥




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